Wanaque Affordable Housing: Ribbon Cutting!

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The Wanaqew Veteran Housing Project stands as a symbol of community achievement, transforming a once-empty lot into a welcoming home for veterans. This initiative, led by Luciano, AJ, and their team, with support from Homes for Veterans, culminated in a joyous ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking a new beginning for veteran families.

Luciano and AJ, the driving forces behind the project, emphasized the phrase "it takes a village," acknowledging the coordinated efforts of individuals dedicated to supporting veterans. The project's success was also attributed to the instrumental roles of various groups and individuals, including project manager Frank D'Antonio, and the support from DCA for funding.

The Mayor of Wanaqew praised the project for turning a 20-year vacant space into a beautiful facility, a result of remarkable teamwork and dedication. The project not only provides homes but also represents the community's unwavering commitment to veteran welfare.

As the community looks forward to the positive impact of the housing project, it's clear that such endeavors are not just about construction but about building hope and honoring those who have served.

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