THE GYM Contributes Over $9,000 to Homes For Veterans

THE GYM Contributes Over $9,000 to Homes For Veterans
THE GYM of Montvale Push-Up Contest L to R – Front Row: Lance
Corporal Kyle Chappell (U.S. Marines) and Corporal Jonah Eisenstark (U.S. Marines)Back Row: James Siletti, (U.S Airforce), THE GYM; Joe Masalta (U.S. Navy), Veterans Continued Service; Peter Kandel (U.S. Marines), THE GYM; Rebecca Miller (U.S. Army), Homes For Veterans; Dennis Todd (U.S. Army), Community Blood Services.

THE GYM has been an avid supporter of our veterans, and recently members and guests of THE GYM gathered in Montvale and Englewood to honor those who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country. With another successful effort from our community the fitness center has now raised over $33,000 since 2014.

Homes for Veterans is a non-profit organization that specially adapts the homes for disabled veterans for free and is based in Harrington Park, New Jersey.

“ Homes for Veterans thanks the staff and owners of THE GYM for the amazing fundraiser they had for us. Thanks to the brilliant Mike Dardano of Buzz Potential, this event came together flawlessly. This group effort expresses the attitude of people across the United States on how they feel about our armed forces. It’s a big thank you to veterans for their service and sacrifice.” said Doug DiPaola, President/CEO, Homes For Veterans.

Left to right: James Siletti (U.S. Air Force, THE GYM; Doug DiPaola, Homes For Veterans; Lisa , THE GYM; Juan Pla, THE GYM.

THE GYM of Montvale held a Push-Up Contest and THE GYM of Englewood had two Bootcamp classes. Lance Corporal Jonah Eisenstark and Lance Corporal Kyle Chappell attended and participated in the Push-Up Contest. Both were beneficiaries of previous fundraisers from THE GYM on behalf of Homes For Veterans.  Command Sergeant Major Leonel Abreu-Moldonado also attended a Bootcamp class in Englewood.

Among the other highlights, former Navy Seal Joseph Masalta, founder and CEO of Veterans Continued Service, did 60 push-ups in one minute to the delight of supporters, competing against the trainers of THE GYM. THE GYM’s trainer, Blake Ziffer managed to gut out 105 pushups to cheers and with vocal support from the many onlookers at the fitness center. Corporal Eisenstark and Corporal Chappell inspired everyone by leaving their wheelchairs with Eisenstark doing 52 pushups and Corporal Chappell coming in at 33 pushups.

“This is very important to me because honestly this is probably the nicest thing anybody has ever done for me,” said Corporal Eisenstark to Mr. Dan Backus of News 12 who was covering the event. And Corporal Chappell was grateful for the enthusiasm and turnout. “I think it’s totally positive and good; It’s really helpful to the veterans in the area and if there’s any veterans that need anything you can reach out to these people and they make it happen, they’ll help you out,” he said to Fios One News, also covering the event.

Joe Masalta, who served on SEAL Team One, SEAL Team Three, and Naval Special Warfare Group One, said: “It was an honor to be part of this event that supports so many veterans in need.  Hearing the testimonies by injured veterans on how their daily living is being improved is inspiring.  After the event talking with, Jonah, and learning of his situation brought about even more of an understanding of how our veterans need assistance in learning about how to apply for benefits through the VA system.  Truly great things are being accomplished all those rising up to assist our injured veterans.”

“This was the best Veterans Day ever to see two paralyzed vets get off their wheelchairs and knock out some push-ups was the best feeling in the world,” said Rebecca Miller Pringle (Army Veteran and Community outreach and fundraising, Homes For Veterans).


This was another wonderful event for THE GYM, its members, supporters and followers. And once again the community, local business and even the media all pitched in for the benefit of those who have served The United States of America.

Homes For Veterans is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to adapt the homes of disabled veterans to make them handicap accessible and barrier free.  Based in Harrington Park, New Jersey, Homes For Veterans helps disabled veterans who are unable to secure the necessary resources to modify their homes to accommodate their disabilities.

Homes For Veterans

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