Vinnie Mootz Networking Event

Vinnie Mootz Networking Event

We at Homes for Veterans are thrilled to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Vince Micco, our newest board member, for orchestrating a spectacular networking event that went beyond mere introductions and handshakes. Vince hosted this gathering at the delightful Vinnie Mutz in Lyndenhurst, NJ, a venue that perfectly complemented our mission with its warm and inviting atmosphere.

The evening was a vibrant mix of camaraderie and purpose, as community members and professionals came together to support our cause. It was a chance for each of us to share insights into our roles, discuss our work, and deepen our connections within the community—all in the spirit of aiding our veterans.

The power of community was palpable as we met an array of wonderful individuals, all united by a common thread of respect and appreciation for those who have served our nation. The conversations were not only about business and networking but also about how we, as a collective, can contribute to a cause greater than ourselves.

The generosity of those in attendance was truly inspiring, and by the end of the evening, their collective contributions amounted to over $1,500. This remarkable sum is a testament to the power of community gatherings when harnessed for a noble cause.

We are incredibly thankful to Vince for not only hosting such a successful event but also for his commitment to Homes for Veterans as a board member. His dedication to our mission shines as an example of how individual initiative can rally a community and make a tangible difference in the lives of our veterans.

As we continue our work, the success of this event serves as a reminder of the good that can be achieved when we join forces in support of our heroes. To all who attended and contributed, your generosity has made a significant impact, and we are deeply appreciative of your support.

Here's to many more evenings of meaningful networking, community building, and making a difference in the lives of those who have served our country.