$6,000 Raised for Army Veteran Left With Hot Water After Hurricane Ida

$6,000 Raised for Army Veteran Left With Hot Water After Hurricane Ida

Nathaniel was born in Escondido, California, and grew up in San Bernardino, California. At the age of 13 his family became homeless. Nathaniel, his mother and his sister lived in several different homeless shelters for 3 years, persevering together. When Nathaniel was only about 15 years old, he moved across the country to New Jersey with his sister, to stay with his Aunt. Again, Nathaniel persevered, graduating High School.

Both Nathaniel and his sister decided to join the United States Armed Forces and they both chose to enter into the US Army, which is truly inspiring.

Nathaniel specialized in Communications 25U/25B, and became highly trained as an electrician/computer repairs technician. In Iraq he deployed with 3rd Infantry Division and worked out of F.O.B. Victory and BIAP in Baghdad, Iraq. There he worked with Joint Network Command Center under General Petraeus. He was placed in every F.O.B. /C.O.B. numerous times setting up R.I.P.R.Net sites, proving his immense capabilities and leadership skills. After returning home he completed College and entered the workforce.

Fast forward to recent years, before Covid-19 forced us all into a lockdown, Nathaniel was still serving his country and his fellow veterans by assisting at the East Orange V.A. and the Lyons V.A. in NJ where he was a Whole Health and Wellness coach. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused this admirable work to be postponed until non-essential workers can return to the VA’s across the United States.

Nathaniel told us, "After a tough year with Covid-19, this hurricane has turned my life sideways; I am in dire need of assistance with a Water Boiler, Furnace, Laundry Dryer, Mold removal, Roofing and Electrical (Not including personal things that have been lost and or destroyed due to flooding in the basement). My sump pump could not keep up with the amount of water rising from the floors. I fashioned an industrial sump pump to fit a water hose and pumped the water to the street and I am trying to get the mold under control which has taken over the entirety of my basement. I am trying to keep my spirits high but it feels like every hurdle has several more emerging.

We were able to raise $3,000 which was then doubled to $6,000 with the help of our matching donor! Now Nathaniel can purchase a new boiler and get his roof fixed. The mold can be removed from the basement and he will be a little less stressed and strained moving forward.

We thank our generous and concerned community for helping show Nathaniel that we are here for him during this emergency. That we really are THANKFUL for his service, not just by saying it but by doing something to show him!  He was beyond grateful, especially as a guy who never asked for help, even during his time in the service. We are honored to partake in this relief project and if you are interested in helping us fund more projects like this, please visit our donate page.