How a Ramp Transformed a Vietnam Veteran's Life

How a Ramp Transformed a Vietnam Veteran's Life

Harold, a courageous Vietnam veteran residing in New Jersey, has faced the challenges of living with diabetes, likely resulting from his exposure to Agent Orange during the war. Sadly, this condition led to the unfortunate amputation of his leg. Compounding his difficulties, Harold's wife, unable to assist him up and down the stairs of their rented home, faced an additional burden.

The dire need for a ramp to access his crucial VA doctor's appointments was apparent, yet the VA itself did not provide coverage for a removable ramp. Consequently, Harold and his wife found themselves trapped in a distressing cycle of anxiety and stress, unable to reach the necessary healthcare.

However, amidst their hardship, a ray of hope emerged when Homes for Veterans stepped forward to construct a much-needed ramp for Harold. Swiftly and seamlessly, the ramp was installed, transforming Harold's life in an immeasurable way. Now, without any hindrances, he can effortlessly reach his doctor's appointments, shedding the weight of worry and anxiety that once burdened him.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Back Home Safely for their remarkable responsiveness in making this ramp a reality, ensuring that Harold's needs were promptly met.

Harold's project cost approx. $10,0000. If you wish to make a difference in the lives of more veterans like Harold, visit our donation page: