Supporting a Disabled Veteran's Journey from the 'War on Terror'

Supporting a Disabled Veteran's Journey from the 'War on Terror'
Meet Michael, a brave veteran from New Jersey who served in the Middle East during "The War on Terror." His life took an unexpected turn when a swimming accident left him quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair. Now, he dreams of a barrier-free home where he can find peace and reclaim his independence. At Homes for Veterans, we're committed to making his dream a reality.

Michael's story embodies the silent battles faced by veterans long after they return home. While his courage remains unwavering, his physical limitations present new challenges that he courageously confronts each day.

Conquering Obstacles at Home:
Despite purchasing a home with the assistance of a VA Loan and an elevator installation by the VA, Michael faces insurmountable barriers within his own residence. Narrow doorways and an inaccessible bathroom prevent him from accessing the upper floor, robbing him of the freedom and tranquility he seeks.

Creating a Barrier-Free Haven:
To transform Michael's home into a sanctuary of accessibility and serenity, Homes for Veterans is launching a fundraising campaign. The project aims to raise approximately $30,000, covering the costs of widening doorways and creating an accessible bathroom, granting Michael the freedom to navigate his home independently. We are planning to begin this project in about 6 weeks, towards the end of summer. 

Make a Difference Today:
Your contribution will propel us closer to transforming Michael's house into a barrier-free haven where he can find solace and reclaim his zest for life. Together, let's honor his service and sacrifice by ensuring he can thrive in an environment designed to meet his needs.

Michael's journey serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by our veteran heroes. Through your generosity and compassion, we can provide him with the gift of freedom and independence within his own home. Join us in empowering Michael and making a lasting impact in the life of a deserving veteran.

To donate and be part of Michael's path to freedom, please visit our donation page.