Vietnam Veteran with Parkinson's Disease Needs Accessible Bathroom

Vietnam Veteran with Parkinson's Disease Needs Accessible Bathroom

Leslie Shields was born in St. Louis, MO and enlisted in the Army at 19 years old as a transportation specialist.  He was stationed in Germany on an Airbase and then volunteered to go to Vietnam. He spent a little over a year hauling supplies out of the 4th Infantry Division to sites around Vietnam. 

Many years after his service, he spent years trying to normalize his experience until he was diagnosed with PTSD. Leslie never knew what PTSD was until many years of struggling with it.

Leslie has now been diagnosed with Parkinson's Diseases which causes him to shake and lose his balance. He needs an accessible bathroom to prevent falling and further injury. His wife is his caretaker and she worries for his safety while trying to do basic tasks in the bathroom such as showering and using the sink. 

Today, Leslie has learned to live with his past and enjoy his time with his family. With your help, we would like to give Leslie a safe and accessible bathroom which will include: 

  • Wheelchair accessible shower
  • Teak seat 
  • Handheld showerhead
  • Grab bars 
  • ADA raised toilet seat
  • Repaired subfloor 
  • Painted and repaired walls 
  • New vanity and sink