Edward - ADA Bathroom for Air Force Vet

Edward, a brave Korean War veteran from New Jersey, sacrificed so much for our country during his 9 years of service as a Staff Sergeant. He faced unimaginable horrors and challenges, including contracting malaria from a parasite. The physical and emotional tolls of his service have left him with PTSD, tremors in his hands and extremely swollen legs and feets making it difficult for him to complete even the most basic of daily activities.

Now, as he ages, he finds it increasingly difficult to get into the shower. This simple task, something that most of us take for granted, has become a daily struggle for him.

With your help, we will create a barrier-free bathroom for Edward with the following modifications:
- wheelchair accessible shower
- grab bars
- teak seat
- raised toilet 

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      No matter the size of your generous, tax deductible, contribution you will instantly impact the lives of disabled veterans who have been neglected, rejected or have had difficulties obtaining funds from other programs. Your donation will fund ramps, wheelchair accessible showers, ADA kitchens, elevators and other modifications so our veterans will have the safety and independence they fought for. 

      ONE ramp installation costs up to $10,000 

      ONE elevator installation costs up to $60,000 

      ONE wheelchair accessible bathroom costs up to $25,000

      ONE ADA kitchen costs up to $80,000 

      Our veterans cannot afford to make their homes safe and they are at risk of further injury in their own homes. 



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      DONATE BY CALLING:  201.660.8364


      Make checks out to:

      Homes for Veterans
      PO BOX #232
      Lynn Street,
      Harrington Park, NJ 07640

      (no cash, please!)

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