Michael's Accessible Bathroom and Hallways

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Michael, a veteran battling severe anxiety and PTSD, recently witnessed the realization of his dream – a dream that has the potential to bring him relief and independence. Despite facing significant challenges, including navigating life in a wheelchair, Michael's unwavering determination has been the driving force behind his journey to adapt and overcome. The pivotal moment arrived when his home underwent a transformative project, making it more accessible and tailored to his unique needs.

For many veterans like Michael, the daily struggle with anxiety and PTSD can be overwhelming. Adding physical limitations, such as life in a wheelchair, only amplifies the challenges they face. Michael's home, while a place of refuge, posed a considerable obstacle due to its inaccessibility. The upstairs, an essential part of any home, was completely off-limits to him, limiting his mobility and independence.

Michael's dream was simple yet profound – to have a home that accommodates his needs, providing a safe and accessible environment. This dream, seemingly out of reach for a while, became a beacon of hope when a project was initiated to transform his living space into a haven of accessibility and comfort.

The completion of this project marked a significant milestone in Michael's journey: 

  • Widened Doorways: The first step towards accessibility was widening the doorways, ensuring smooth passage for Michael's wheelchair.
  • Widened Hallway: A widened hallway further enhances the overall accessibility of the home, allowing for easy movement between rooms.
  • Removed Bathtub: The removal of the bathtub was a crucial modification, eliminating a major obstacle and making the bathroom a more user-friendly space.
  • Installed Accessible Shower: A specially designed accessible shower was installed, providing Michael with a safe and comfortable bathing experience.
  • Installed Hand-Held Shower Head: The addition of a hand-held shower head offers flexibility, allowing Michael to personalize his bathing routine according to his needs.
  • Lowered Vanity/Sink: A lowered vanity/sink ensures that daily activities, such as washing up, are convenient and accessible for Michael.
  • Raised Toilet: The installation of a raised toilet not only promotes independence but also contributes to Michael's overall comfort.

Installed Wheelchair Accessible Flooring: The entire flooring was revamped to be wheelchair accessible, promoting ease of movement throughout the home.

The completion of this home transformation signifies a collective effort to empower an individual who has sacrificed for our country and now deserves a life of dignity, comfort, and independence. Michael's dream has come true, and with it, the promise of a brighter, more accessible future.

As we celebrate the success of this project, let it serve as a reminder of the positive impact that community-driven initiatives can have on individuals facing unique challenges. Michael's story is not just about overcoming physical barriers but also about reclaiming the sense of self, confidence, and independence that every individual deserves.

❤️ A very special thank you to Adopt-A-Soldier Platoon of NJ for donating the $7,500 material cost and The Expendables NJ Motorcycle Club for their $6,000. Thank you to Hollyhood Designs for going above and beyond for this project.  Thank you to Gavin Elwes for filming the reveal.


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