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Meet Edward, a courageous Korean War veteran from New Jersey facing health challenges that threaten his independence. Despite his remarkable service to our country, Edward battles swollen legs, chronic pain, and poor circulation. Compounding these difficulties is a small, cramped shower that poses a significant risk to his safety and well-being. In the spirit of supporting veterans like Edward, our organization embarked on a mission to restore his independence and ensure his overall well-being.

Edward's health challenges have made even the simplest tasks, such as showering, increasingly difficult. His current shower stall is inadequate and puts him at risk of falls, adding to his physical and emotional burdens. 

Over the course of six long months filled with ups and downs, our organization dedicated itself to Edward's cause. Recognizing the urgency of supporting veterans like him, we worked tirelessly to transform his bathroom into a space that enhances safety and comfort: 

  • Widened doorways and hallway: Ensuring smooth passage for Edward's mobility needs.
  • Removed cramped shower stall: Eliminating a significant safety risk.
  • Installed an accessible and beautiful shower: Redefining the bathing experience for Edward.
  • Added hand-held shower head: Offering flexibility and personalized comfort.
  • Lowered vanity/sink and raised toilet: Enhancing convenience in daily activities.
  • Wheelchair-accessible flooring: Promoting ease of movement throughout the bathroom.

This barrier-free bathroom stands out as one of the most beautiful our organization has ever created. Edward's story is not just about overcoming physical barriers but also about honoring his service and ensuring he receives the care and support he deserves.

Edward's journey serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by Korean War veterans and their unique struggles in later years. As one of the last remaining heroes in New Jersey, Edward's well-being and independence are of utmost importance. Join us in honoring his service and empowering him with the support he needs to live with dignity and autonomy.

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