Contaminated Water from Camp Lejeune Caused Liver Cancer - Accessible Bathroom Needed!

Contaminated Water from Camp Lejeune Caused Liver Cancer - Accessible Bathroom Needed!

Soid Rodriguez, originally from Mexico,  joined the Marines and attained his American citizenship. He proudly served our nation as a Corporal and trained at Camp Lejeune. 

During his training, he and many other soldiers and their families were exposed to contaminated water. Years later he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

The water contamination at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 is no secret. Many veterans who bathe in and ingested the contaminated water are now suffering from various cancers and other illnesses. The fight for our veterans to receive health benefits from the VA for cancers, birth defects and other illness due to the toxic water has gone on for decades.

In 2012, President Obama signed a bill that allotted health benefits for certain cancers for the veterans affected by the water contamination, however not ALL of their needs are met. They are still fighting for help today. Many veterans are put on long waitlists or simply denied - even when doctors continually link their cancers to the toxic water. 

Mr. Rodriguez's diagnoses has been extremely hard on his family. His son, Derek, now cares for his father full time as he is in a weakened condition. His father is now on a waitlist for a life saving liver transplant and could be called into surgery any day. The VA originally denied Mr. Rodriguez his benefits but now thankfully has approved him as 100% disabled. They will not, however, grant him an accessible bathroom as he has not yet been approved for his liver transplant. As you can see from the photo below, Mr. Rodriguez's bathroom is extremely unsafe and unfit for him to use now and after his surgery.

  We would like to fund a modified bathroom for Mr. Rodriguez so that he will be independent and safe, as he deserves. His bathroom needs the following modifications:

- remove the tub
- build a wheelchair accessible shower
- add a teak seat
- add grab bars
- install a handheld shower head
- repair the flooring
- remove the popcorn ceiling
- paint
- update the vanity
- add an ADA compliant toilet
- fix the vent
- update the fixtures 

We cannot help Mr. Rodriguez without your help! The total cost for this renovation will be a bit more than $18,700 (see quote below). We do not believe the Rodriguez family should pay this out of pocket after all they have already sacrificed. He came to this country, worked and served and protected our nation. He has been abandoned by the country that he served for years.

It is now our turn to step up and thank him by giving him the accessibility and safety that he needs. 

  Please click 'donate' above to contribute to Mr. Rodriguez's bathroom project. (You can indicate in the notes that you would like your contribution to go directly to Mr. Rodriguez.) 

  This project will give Mr. Rodriguez the bathroom he deserves and will relieve his family of their worries. Derek will no longer worry for his father's safety while simply using his shower. If you believe the veterans who served at Camp Lejeune have been suffering long enough, please contribute to this project. 

  To learn more about the water contamination at Camp Lejeune, watch this video: