Elderly Veteran Trapped Inside Home, Gifted New Ramp!

Elderly Veteran Trapped Inside Home, Gifted New Ramp!

Ed Meller, a veteran from NJ, served our country for 5 years working with MIT to develop radar technologies. He was inspired to join the military by his older brother, and together with his twin brother joined the Navy. 

Ed lives with his wife Janet who is his sole caretaker. Janet being elderly herself cannot lift Ed's wheelchair down the stairs to get him outside. This means Ed was trapped inside his home throughout the pandemic. You see, Ed is in a wheelchair due to his age. The nerves in his legs and his joints are weak. This is not a "service related" injury and therefore it is extremely difficult for elderly veterans like Ed to find financial help from veteran aid programs. 

This is where we step in. With your help, we were able to fund the construction of Ed's ramp. Janet was elated. She could not express enough how this would change their lives and allow her to take Ed out for fresh air, to doctor's appointments, and with her on errands so he was not alone in the house.

Our board member, Dennis Duddie, was able to visit the Ed upon completion of the ramp project and drop off an extra wheelchair. This way, Ed has a wheelchair for indoor use and one for outdoor use. 

Thank you for helping us fund this ramp project for the Meller's. A very special thank you to the Bergen County Sheriff's Office. Thanks to their "Freedom" Accessible Ramp Program we were able to have this project finished in 4 days! A big thank you to officer Lorenzo for introducing us to the Meller family, his team’s hard work, donating the labor and constructing a beautiful final product!