Female Veteran and Mother in Need of Accessibility

Female Veteran and Mother in Need of Accessibility

Dr. Alma, a disabled female veteran and mother from Royal Palm Beach, Florida, has faced a relentless battle with various health challenges over the years. Her once-accessible home has become an obstacle course, hindering her independence and robbing her of simple joys like taking a bath. But amidst the struggles, there's hope as Homes for Veterans steps in to transform her life.

Born in Pinehurst, NC, Dr. Alma's path led her from Florida to Alaska, where she served in the Alaska National Guard before embarking on a career in education. Despite her resilience, a series of health setbacks left her dependent and isolated. Now, with the support of Homes for Veterans, Dr. Alma sees a promising future. Our commitment to creating an accessible bathroom for her is more than just a renovation; it's a promise of restored dignity and independence.

Our Plans for Dr. Alma's Accessible Bathroom:

  • Widen the doorway
  • Remove the walls around the toilet
  • Install grab bars
  • Install ADA Toilet
  • Remove vanity and install wheelchair accessible sink
  • Create zero threshold shower with handheld shower head
  • Fix up tiles

Join us in supporting Dr. Alma on her journey to restoration. Your contribution will not only transform her home but also uplift her spirit and reignite her sense of purpose. Make a donation today: https://homesforveterans.us/pages/donate-now