Accessibility for Marine Veteran with MS

Accessibility for Marine Veteran with MS

Frank Russo, a Marine from Connecticut, recently underwent a heart transplant due to complications from his aggressive forms of muscular dystrophy and neuropathy. Now permanently wheelchair-bound, Frank faces daily challenges, including difficulties using his bathroom. His home lacks accessibility, putting him at risk and compromising his dignity.

In his service to our country, Frank made sacrifices beyond measure. His time in the military left him with sleep disorders, PTSD, and anxiety. Despite his service-related disabilities, Frank was denied SHA and SAH grants from the VA, leaving him without the support he desperately needs.

Frank cannot even wash his face or shower without falling, a heartbreaking reality for a man who once served his country with pride. He has a family, and they too are doing everything they can to help him through these challenging times.

But we're not alone in this mission. We are proud to partner with Shoreline Veterans Corporation, led by Mike Russo (no relation). Their group will cover the cost of the downstairs bathroom. The total project cost is $25,000, and every contribution counts.

Downstairs Bathroom: Cost: $7,000
-Accessible shower with grab bars
-Handheld showerhead.
-Zero threshold shower pan by Tile Redi

Upstairs Bathroom: Cost: $18,000
-Widened doorway for wheelchair access.
-Wheelchair-safe flooring.
-Roll-under sink.
-All new paint and tile.

Frank's journey is a testament to courage and resilience. Let's come together to honor his service and ensure he can navigate his home with dignity and independence.

Join us in answering Frank's call. Your support will make a profound difference in the life of a veteran who gave so much for our nation. Together, we can transform Frank's home and show him the gratitude and respect he deserves.

Frank shares his story: