Female Veterans Suffering from MST/PTSD – Gifted New Roof Before Winter Storm!


Homes for Veterans completed a new roof for disabled veterans Kristin and Sarah. Female veterans carry the wounds of their service the same way that men do, but often find fewer resources available to them. Kristin,  a US Air Force Vet and Sarah an Army Intel Analyst have sacrificed – both mentally and physically – to serve our nation.  


Many women veterans suffer from not only PTSD but also carry the weight of Military Sexual Trauma. Sarah was rejected from Veteran Housing due to her needing / owning a service dog. Once she found a home with Kristin for support, they continued to run into issues such as their roof falling apart. 

Fixing their roof is a small thank you for the immense sacrifices they made for our freedoms. Thank you to all female veterans, especially those suffering with PTSD/MST.

The original roof had cracked rafters and poorly installed shingles and sealant leading to leaks and mold in the attic. Your donations made it possible to get the new roof on just in time for winter and before any snowfall. 

We thank Kristin and Sarah for their service and sacrifice for our freedoms!