Struggling Veteran Couple Chimney and Gutters Fixed before Storm!

Struggling Veteran Couple Chimney and Gutters Fixed before Storm!


William (Billy) Pesler was drafted and served 6 years in Germany with his wife Beatrice by his side. Billy and Beatrice returned to the USA and Billy pursued a career as a carpenter.

Now, Beatrice cares for Billy who suffers from Alzheimers and extremely weak legs. They’ve been married since they were only 16 years old.

Maintenance of their home is difficult and now with COVID19 making it nearly impossible to have any outside help, Beatrice is caring for all of the outside property, the house and Billy by herself.

When Beatrice called before Hurricane Douglas hit in July – she was concerned as her chimney had a big hole and her gutters were falling apart.

She was worried water would pour into her home or animals would begin to hide inside to avoid the storm or the heat.

Billy’s Alzheimers has been exaggerated by the lockdown and of course, Beatrice is struggling with all of the responsibilities falling on her alone.

Thankfully, this project was an outside job and we were able to have their chimney and gutters fixed before the storm!

Our community support makes jobs like this possible. A small load lifted off of Beatrice’s shoulders so she can focus on caring for Billy.

This couple sacrificed so much of their life to serve our country for our freedom and this is a small thank you for their continued strength and patriotism.