NJ Veteran with PTSD and Leg Injury Needs Barrier-Free Bathroom

NJ Veteran with PTSD and Leg Injury Needs Barrier-Free Bathroom

Even though COVID19 has made things extremely difficult for our organization, we continue to push through for our veterans, with the help of you, our wonderful community of supporters. Our military can act as an example for all of us during this trying time. They stand up and fight in the face of adversity in the name of freedom, for our country, to protect and care for one another.

That is exactly what we are doing. We have slowly begun to start home projects again – following CDC guidelines and making sure that safety is our number one priority.

We’re currently raising funds for a wonderful Veteran, Will Shelby.

Will’s shower is falling apart making it extremely difficult to bathe with his current leg injury. Will was drafted during the Vietnam war and cared for injured soldiers. When he returned to the US – he married and had 6 children.

Will suffers from severe PTSD, making the isolation of COVID19 even more strenuous. He relies on his wife to help him, but this is not easy.

Will cared for injured soldiers during Vietnam and now we’d like to thank him by caring for him.

We’ll create a barrier-free bathroom for Will so he can bathe independently and safely without fear of falling or any leakage happening to the surrounding rooms.

If you’re interested in donating to help fund Will’s bathroom project, please visit our donation page.