Project COMPLETE: Mr. Rodriguez's Accessible Bathroom

Project COMPLETE: Mr. Rodriguez's Accessible Bathroom

🇺🇸 Soid Rodriguez, originally from Mexico, lost his father when he was 14 years old forcing him and his brothers into hard labor from a young age to take care of their family.

🪖 Mr. Rodriguez joined the Marines and was able to get his American citizenship. He proudly served our nation as a Corporal and trained in Camp Lejeune. However during his training, he and many other soldiers drank contaminated water which caused him to be diagnosed with liver cancer.

🏥 His diagnoses has been hard on his family. His son, Derek, now cares for him full time as Mr. Rodriguez is in a weakened condition.

💣 Our veteran hero is on a waitlist for a life saving liver transplant and could be called into surgery any day. In addition to the cancer, Mr. Rodriguez suffers from severe hearing loss from the loud explosions he was exposed during his training.

❌ The VA originally denied Mr. Rodriguez of his benefits but now thankfully has approved him as 100% disabled. However, they will not grant him an accessible bathroom as he has not yet been approved for his liver transplant.

In order to make sure Derek's father is safe, with your help, we accomplished another life changing project for a deserving veteran hero who was waiting years for help. Thanks to your generous donations we were able to:  

✅ remove the tub
✅ widen the doorway
✅ install accessible shower
✅ add a teak seat
✅ add grab bars
✅ install a handheld shower head
✅ repair the tile flooring
✅ remove/replace the popcorn ceiling
✅ paint
✅ update the vanity
✅ add an ADA toilet
✅ repair the vent 
✅ update the fixtures

Check out the amazing before and after photos!

A special thank you to Alex and the team at UpHome LLC for getting this project done so quickly and being so wonderful to communicate with!