Transforming Scott’s Home with the Home Depot Foundation

Transforming Scott’s Home with the Home Depot Foundation

At Homes for Veterans, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Scott, born in Long Beach, California, is one such veteran whose journey took him through the rigor and sacrifice of military service. Stationed in places like Fort Riley, Kansas, and Garlstedt, West Germany, Scott faced immense personal costs, including the scars of Military Sexual Trauma (MST), sciatica of the spine, and the relentless shadows of PTSD.

Returning to civilian life, Scott encountered a new kind of battle, one fought within

his own mind and body. The physical pain of his injuries was constant, but the invisible wounds of PTSD and MST were even more daunting. Each day was a struggle for peace and normalcy, and his simple dream of feeling safe and comfortable in his own home seemed increasingly out of reach.

In response to Scott’s plight, our community at Homes for Veterans, with the generous support of The Home Depot Foundation, took action. With a grant exceeding $5000 for materials, we undertook a project to transform Scott’s living space into a haven of safety and comfort. The entire bathroom was demoed and redesigned with accessibility in mind. We widened the space, installed an ADA-compliant toilet and walk-in shower, added grab bars, and put in a new vanity, sink, and lighting. The community’s support was overwhelming, raising an impressive $15,000 to cover labor costs and additional materials needed to complete the project. Recognizing Scott’s need for affordable laundry solutions, we also installed an apartment-sized washer and dryer. This alleviated the financial burden of rental fees and allowed Scott to do his laundry at home, easing one more stressor from his daily life.

Additionally, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Adopt a Soldier Platoon, who generously funded Scott’s stay in a hotel for a week while the construction was happening. This gesture provided Scott with a peaceful respite during the upheaval, ensuring he had a comfortable place to stay.

Our partnership with Team Depot brought even more blessings. In the sweltering heat, volunteers spent hours mowing, planting, cleaning, and beautifying the exterior of Scott’s home. Their dedication and hard work transformed not just the look of the house but also the spirit within it, showing Scott that he was supported and valued.

Help us never turn away veterans like Scott. Make a donation to our annual fund today. Together, we can continue to transform houses into homes and turn dreams into reality for those who have given so much. Join us in making a difference.

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