Current Project Alert – USMC Retired Sargent Diane Needs Steps and Railings

*Current Project Alert*

Diane Smith served our country starting when she was a very young girl from Brooklyn. Her goal was to get into college while following in her sister’s footsteps who joined the Air Force.

She was actually recruited to the Marine Corps and stationed in California. After having her first child, she spent 2 years as a Sargent in the reserves but had to leave when It became obvious to her that being the lone female in the unit was logistically problematic.

She went on to raise 5 children and 6 grandchildren.

During her time in service, Diane developed migraines and tore her cartilage in her knee. The headaches cause Diane to pass out and were creating a safety issue where she worked. Eventually her knee deteriorated to the point of needing a replacement – forcing her to retire.

Homes For Veterans is working towards replacing Diane’s steps and railings in her home. She is not steady on her feet and has fallen down the steps since they are in need of repair.

If you’re interested in helping us thank Diane by repairing her stairs and railings, please donate right here on our website. We thank you and so does Diane.