The Gym Comes to The Rescue Again! Homes For Veterans Father and Son

Today we would like to highlight one of our recent projects: Joseph Tartas served 6 years in the army, stationed in Germany as a demolitions specialist. He patrolled the Berlin Wall.

Joseph went on to have two children and unfortunately suffered from a stroke 4 years ago leaving him with Aphasia (loss of communication) and an extremely weak right side. He is now wheelchair bound.

His father-in-law is a Korean War veteran who is also wheelchair bound. They were unable to get in and out of their home without ambulance personnel to assist them.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors – the GYM of Montvale and the GYM  of Englewood – Homes For Veterans was able to build a ramp for Joseph and Andrew. They can now access their home on their own – a life changing adjustment.

THANK YOU JOSEPH AND ANDREW for serving our country!

Remember, freedom is never free. Our troops often pay a heavy price so we can be safe and secure.