New Kitchen For Veteran Sean Moley

Posted on November 03 2021, By: Francesca DiPaola

New Kitchen For Veteran Sean Moley


Sean Moley joined the US Coast Guard as a way to make a difference in the world. After serving for over two years, he was severely injured in a search and rescue mission. Sean found a new passion in cooking. This relieved his PTSD symptoms and allowed him to serve others in a new way. Overtime, his injuries caused his back and legs to have limited to no mobility. After over 30 procedures-he had to stop working completely.

Sean wanted to continue cooking in his own home for his family and for his fellow veterans. He found that cooking was a way to relieve his mental and chronic pain and wanted to continue despite his injuries. He was assigned a group of elderly veterans to visit and cook for which brought him so much joy. Unfortunately Sean’s kitchen was falling apart. He had many cabinets towards the floor which were extremely hard on his back, his counter was cracked and his sink wasn’t working properly.

Sean had designed and ordered cabinets which his close friend had offered to install for him. In another unfortunate circumstance, Sean’s good friend passed away. This was heartbreaking not only because Sean lost a good friend, but now Sean had no help in the upkeep of his own home. His home started to fall apart, in more ways than one, and he was in too much pain to fixit himself.

We have gifted Sean and his wife a new kitchen which he was able to design. As a chef, he had a wonderful vision and we were honored to execute this for our friend and hero. Now Sean will be able to continue cooking meals for his community. His family is so much happier now that Sean can easily cook for them in their new and absolutely stunning kitchen. Our veterans deserve relief from their PTSD and support from us as citizens. They volunteered to stand up for us and protect us, and when they come home, it is our turn to protect and care for them. If you’re interested in helping our disabled veteran community-you can donate on our donate page. Sean’s life is now changed forever and we are blessed to have him and his family in our community! Thank you, veterans