Homes for Veterans Commits to Virtual Support for Isolated Heroes During Pandemic

Nov 03, 2021 Francesca DiPaola

COVID19 has ravaged our country, taken the lives of our loved ones, closed down our schools and businesses and forced us all into our homes for months. This is an extremely difficult time for all of us

NJ Veteran with PTSD and Leg Injury Needs Barrier-Free Bathroom

Nov 03, 2021 Francesca DiPaola

Even though COVID19 has made things extremely difficult for our organization, we continue to push through for our veterans, with the help of you, our wonderful community of supporters.

Barrier – Free Deck for Disabled Army Veteran and His Family

Nov 03, 2021 Francesca DiPaola

David Kist comes from a military family and enlisted 18 days after his 18th birthday. He served in the Army for 17 years, from 2005 to 2011. He did a few deployments and activations and certainly saw combat.

Sgt. Clark’s Kitchen Renovation by Homes For Veterans

Nov 03, 2021 Francesca DiPaola

The renovation of Sgt. Robert Clark’s kitchen in Clifton New Jersey, to make it barrier free and wheelchair accessible by Homes For Veterans of Harrington Park New Jersey has been completed.

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