HOME DESTROYED: $60k to Navy Corpsman and Frontline Worker to Rebuild Home

Jan 07, 2022 Francesca DiPaola

When Homes for Veterans heard about this tragic situation, we had to step in to help. We couldn't see Christopher and his children living in shelters any longer. We decided to donate $60,000 to get the project started and foundation rebuilt so their would be no further damage to the rest of their home. The goal is to get them at least back in their own home before the holidays. 

FREEDOM FOR CHRISTMAS! Accessible Bathroom for Vietnam War Veteran and Amputee

Jan 07, 2022 Francesca DiPaola

“Being able to have a wheelchair accessible bathroom in our home would help me and my family more than I can explain. I have two grandchildren that live with me so being able to have a bathroom [and] privacy instead of using a commode next to my hospital bed would be such a blessing. I could still be independent and would not need help to do everyday activities such as using the bathroom, showering and brushing my teeth. Having a barrier-free and wheelchair accessible home is all I can ask for”

Home for Christmas! Update on the King Family

Jan 07, 2022 Francesca DiPaola

After almost 4 months displaced from their home and now working through another COVID surge, the King family is now back home safe and sound before Christmas! Their basement is rebuilt and their heat and lights are turned back on.  We also raised an additional $1,740, thanks to our amazing community of supportive and concerned donors!   

Iraq Veteran, Struck By AT-Mine, Suffering from TBI, Needs Accessible Bathroom

Jan 14, 2022 Francesca DiPaola

Douglas writes, "I decided to take point behind our gun truck. I also had a bad vibe and chose not to load my truck with rockets. On our route, my truck hit an anti-tank mine (AT-Mine) that blew-up underneath my seat. It flung the door open and ejected me 30 feet in the air. I landed on [my] head-back. Not having a seatbelt on saved my life." 

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