Struggling Veteran Couple Chimney and Gutters Fixed before Storm!

Nov 03, 2021 Francesca DiPaola

William (Billy) Pesler was drafted and served 6 years in Germany with his wife Beatrice by his side. Billy and Beatrice returned to the USA and Billy pursued a career as a carpenter.

New Chair Lift For Vietnam Vet With Heart Condition

Nov 03, 2021 Francesca DiPaola

Joseph Salonia is a Vietnam Veteran who was born and raised in New Jersey. He loved this country and decided to volunteer for the military in 1965. His job was in the Motor Pool as an Ordnance Supply and Parts Specialist. He served for 6 years between Lodi, NJ and Fort Devens, Massachusetts. Joseph received honorable discharge in 1971. 

$6,000 Raised for Army Veteran Left With Hot Water After Hurricane Ida

Nov 03, 2021 Francesca DiPaola

Nathaniel was born in Escondido, California, and grew up in San Bernardino, California. At the age of 13 his family became homeless. Nathaniel, his mother and his sister lived in several different homeless shelters for 3 years, persevering together. When Nathaniel was only about 15 years old, he moved across the country to New Jersey with his sister, to stay with his Aunt. Again, Nathaniel persevered, graduating High School.

Removed Rugs for Purple Heart Vet With Lung Cancer Due to Burn Pits

Nov 03, 2021 Francesca DiPaola

Matthew’s story is heartbreaking and significant for many reasons. This diagnosis has now hindered his ability to work, bringing him and his wife from 2 incomes down to one. This summer - Matthew knew he desperately needed the rugs in his home removed from his house. His asthma could not handle having so much carpet in the house, but they had so many other medical expenses and two children, they could not afford this project.

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