Two Chair Lifts Needed for American Legion Post 108

Oct 13, 2022 Francesca DiPaola

I was contacted by Rudy, the veteran in charge of membership at the post. He explained their facility was founded over 50 years ago and some of the current veteran members even helped build it. The problem is, there are two steep staircases that lead into the main bar and upstairs to their meeting hall. These staircases prevent the elderly and disabled members from attending events and meetings. This also prevents Rudy from bringing in new members. 

Vietnam Veteran with Parkinson's Disease Needs Accessible Bathroom

Jul 07, 2022 Francesca DiPaola

Many years after his service, he spent years trying to normalize his experience until he was diagnosed with PTSD. Leslie never knew what PTSD was until many years of struggling with it. Leslie has now been diagnosed with Parkinson's Diseases which causes him to shake and lose his balance. He needs an accessible bathroom to prevent falling and further injury

Veteran with Spinal Stenosis Needs Ramp

Jul 07, 2022 Francesca DiPaola

William became disabled at an early age due to Spinal Stenosis, paralysis of his right arm and chronic breathing issues. He now lives in a small home with extremely dangerous and uneven ground blocking his entry way. A large tree with overgrown roots has caused the ground to block William’s door from fully opening. He easily loses his balance and the hill is a safety hazard. He recently fell and now lives with a pacemaker. 

Project COMPLETE: Mr. Rodriguez's Accessible Bathroom

Apr 20, 2022 Francesca DiPaola

Our veteran hero is on a waitlist for a life saving liver transplant and could be called into surgery any day. In addition to the cancer, Mr. Rodriguez suffers from severe hearing loss from the loud explosions he was exposed during his training.

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